Good News If You Are About To Buy A TV

Samsung Electronics slashed costs of its leading-selling TV models for the second time in a time frame of 2 Months. This comes in an effort to consolidate its top spot and avoid market share loss similar to how it did in the smartphone sector, claimed 3 senior officials of the industry to the media in an interview.

The reduction in price ranges from 15% (Rs 45,000) for the 75-inch device, to almost 5% (Rs 1,000–2,500) in the 32–43-inch screen size section, which adds up for 80% of the TV market by volume. In June 2018, Samsung had reduced costs by 10–20% for some other TVs.

Industry officials claimed that this is the first time Samsung has slashed costs of new TVs not more than 2 Months after rolling them. This is because the South Korean behemoth wishes to stay ahead of online targeted companies such as Xiaomi, TCL, Vu, BPL, Kodak, and Sanyo, which have already grabbed almost 14% market share.

“Samsung is attempting to level up with the costs of the cost-aggressive TV companies who are slowly attaining share. The cost cut has been performed on the entry-level TVs for every size to provide users good value for money,” claimed the media report.

Speaking of Samsung, the firm is all ready to roll out its much-expected flagship handset Galaxy Note 9 in New York at an event. Just before the launch, a new rumor has emerged online discovering the cost of the device.

The leak has revealed the cost the 128 GB version of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The device will have a price tag of 900 Euros while the 512 GB variant will have a price tag of 1100 Euros. In contrast, in US the 512 GB variant and the 128 GB variant will have a price tag of $1150 and $950 respectively.

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