Google Is Allowing Users To Disable Conversation View In Gmail

Google has never stopped from surprising the users, with the way they are putting efforts to make everything easy for the users. This time also, they haven’t done anything different than what they used to?

Gmail has changed the way people were using the email service, the day it rolled out. It has started the revolution by changing the measly 25MB storage for inbox, and with an advent of conversation view, the users were easily taking care of the long email threads.

However, there are even some of the individuals who have never got familiar with the conversation view. This makes the search giant to offer a reprieve which it is initially rolling out for the Android devices soon, which allow the user to disable it if they do not want to use it.

It was 2010 when Google has already the functionality of disabling the conversation view in its web application of Gmail, but it was missing in the mobile app. The only alternative to inactivating the conversation view in an existing scenario is by utilizing non-Google accounts via services like the exchange, IMAP and more.

The functionality is offered under general setting. As per the blog posted on G Suite, this functionality will soon roll out for the Gmail accounts in the Android mobile app.

As soon as the rollout hits the devices, users will have the capability of selecting the conversation setting for individual Google Accounts. You just need to select your account under the Gmail setting and enable or disable the feature as you like.

In case, you have already kept the feature disable for your account on your desktop app, then the same setting will be considered for the same account in the mobile app as well.

Google says that every single device is going to experience the change in next 15 days.

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