Account Verification Process Fix Put On Hold By Twitter

Intimidating elections in the US, Pakistan, India, and Brazil have impelled Twitter to put its public account verification program on hold as the micro-blogging platform is occupied dealing with the dispersion of misinformation and fake news, as said by the firm.

Product Head, Kayvon Beykpour, said, “Twitter doesn’t at present have the bandwidth” to revamp its verification system and offer a blue checkmark to genuine accounts. We have heard a few queries recently regarding the verification’s status on Twitter, so wished to address directly. Upgrading our verification program is not the main concern for us at present, election integrity is.”

He continued, “I do not believe we have the bandwidth to deal this integrally without coming at the price of other priorities and off-putting the team.” Pakistan heads on July 25 to the polls, Brazil in October, the United States mid-term in November, while India early next year.

In November, Twitter halted the public verification as it aspired to deal with the problem that confirming the legitimacy of an account was being fused with the endorsement. Beykpour said, “Our purpose was to put the brakes awaiting we had a repair across enforcement/ policy/product.”

At present, Twitter is concentrated on data quality prior to the elections. The Twitter product head said, “This focus will assist us to shift rapidly on what we deem is most essential. After we make more development, we intend to deal with the Verification.” Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, has also recognized that the system “requires an entire reboot.”

On the other end, Twitter aspires to assist you to protect your account with a novel approach that will be piece of the prevailing 2-factor authentication technique. Provided that smartphones are susceptible to software crashes or theft, Twitter is letting you utilize a USB security key now such as Yubikey to secure your account more.

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