Google To Assist Incredible India Website By Providing Monuments’ 3D Views

The tourism ministry has added in technology behemoth Google to provide a virtual reality experience and 3D rotating views of monuments in India on its website for Incredible India.

“We wish to offer tourists an experience of virtual reality, and Google has the tech and the service,” claimed KJ Alphons, the tourism minister, to the media this week. “We expect that this will inspire more individuals to visit to India,” he claimed.

The ministry has also asked all the states to arrange specialized police groups to safeguard foreign tourists, Alphons claimed. Presently, 14 union territories and states, comprising Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Goa, Kerala, and Karnataka have tourist cops.

The tourism minister also blamed foreign media of being “immensely discriminatory” in the manner it defines unfortunate accidents in India. “Each time there was an incident, suspects were taken into custody and we took instantaneous action,” he claimed. “In a massive nation such as India there are possibilities of the incidents to take place.”

A latest study by media had ranked India as the most unsafe nation for women, ahead of Syria, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia. The result, based on the viewpoint of 548 analysts, has been broadly criticized in India as an attempt to slander the nation.

“We asked the media to offer us list of their analyst; they declined,” Alphons claimed. “The incidents that have taken place in India are ill-fated, but I also believe the foreign media has been enormously unfair. What types of reviews do they conduct?” he claimed.

Alphons also fortified his ministry’s “adopt a heritage” program, which had landed into controversy a couple of months back, and claimed that it was on track. “The monuments in India belong to the Indian people. So we touted and stated to come forward and adopt a heritage. The program is not just limited to the corporate segment,” he claimed.

The media on July 12, 2018, had reported that the tourism ministry has issued letter to chiefs of Indian trade and hospitality associations, missions, and tourism offices abroad. This was done to underline the programs that the nation had undertaken to endorse female safety to dispel any uneasiness among foreign tourists about arriving to the nation.

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