An AI Powered Platform Introduced By AdHive To Promote ICOs

Apart from the chaos around blockchain-based token generation events and ICOs one factor that remains confirmed that if you want people to invest in your project and achieve your aims, it is mandatory to onboard a large community.

AdHive, an influencer marketing platform that operates on AI declared that today a marketing solution that is focused on ICO and designed particularly for this function.

AdHive today announced an ICO-oriented marketing solution designed particularly for this reason. The product itself is a blend of marketing influences and managing campaigns with artificial intelligence.

In terms of impact marketing, the AdHive platform identifies people who influence blockchain technology, and helps you connect with them. Selected influential persons create content in the form of notifications, official documents, interviews, AMA, technical analysis, and our own product placement.

AdHive categorizes influencers not only in size, but also in the type of content and field of knowledge, so marketers and advertisers can choose the right people to work with.

“We have our own analysis tool with which we can analyze the accounts of influential people and find the quality of the content, its subscriber base, its organic traffic and its response,” said AdHive co-founder Alexander Kuzmin. “There are different categories of influential people in our database, micro-influencers with no more than 10,000 subscribers, and an intermediate category with a number of subscribers from 10,000 to 50,000 and macro support with more than 50,000 subscribers.” With these ratings, brands can have a short glimpse on our platform, take the first campaign among the micro-influencers to see how it works, and to warm up the market, and then launch an excellent advertising campaign and create a buzz in the crypto market.”

In sync with the AI technology expansion in various segments, AI is making a significant contribution in banking and finance sector, especially in the area of security, customer support, and compliance.

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