McDonald’s Salad Supposedly Made Over A 100 People Ill

There have been a large number of cases observed in some of the states in the US including Illinois as well as Lowa, where people are falling ill because of some form of intestinal infection. The situation is supposedly attributed to a form of food poisoning because of a particular type of bacteria, which generally thrives on undercooked food. These bacteria which increase, if not exterminated by the huge temperature while cooking, are perhaps spreading through McDonald’s salad, according to the reports.

In the last two months or so, both the states reported many cases regarding the same issue, with Illinois reporting 90 cases and Lowa reporting nearly 15. The Clyospora parasites are the main cause of the problem which cause this intestinal illness, and are spread through water as well as food. Some of the symptoms include diarrhea as well as problems in the bowel movement. The infected patients also experience nausea, stomach cramps, weight loss, and fatigue.

The fact of the matter is that as many as 25% of the infected people informed about eating McDonald’s salads a day prior to the initiation of ill health, in the Illinois state. In the state of Lowa as well, the people from the health department are asking the infected patients, questions regarding having McDonald’s salads. In response to this scenario, McDonald’s have decided to temporarily stop serving salads till the time a better lettuce supplier is found.

Other than that, McDonald’s have started a new scheme where the customers will get free French fries every Friday, throughout the year; starting from July. The only condition is that the customers must make a purchase of $1 in order to be applicable to avail it. The customers will have to download the official app and then register themselves on the app.

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