Study: New Gene Editing Process Will Use Electric Field For Treatment

Scientists shared that they have found the way to manipulated genes in the immune cell of a human body with the help of electric fields.

This is the first time, that researchers have discovered a way to accurately and efficiently eliminate the genes from WBC (white blood cells) of the immune system and to implant advantageous counterparts, in much less time than it consumes to edit genes.

Experts said if the discovered methodology can effectively replicate, it most probably can create new hopes for curing various diseases, such as HIV infection, cancer and various autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus.

Dr. John Wherry, Director, Institute of Immunology, Pennsylvania University, a part of the research, said, “The new work is a huge leap,” published in Nature on Wednesday.

But as the technique is just discovered, there is no test care of any individual who gets treated with this new method in which the WBC is engineered with the help of an electric field.

Dr. Marcela Maus, director, cellular immunotherapy, General Hospital, Massachusetts said, “The proof will be the creation of new treatment with the help of this discovered technology.”

In the existing scenario, researchers are trying to manipulate the gene, generally has to depend on the edited viruses to open-up the DNA in a cell and to provide new genes in the cell. The process is difficult and time-consuming, which limits its applications.

But with the newly discovered method, scientist say they have a new way in which they utilize the electrical fields, and not the edited virus to, to convey both the tools to edit gene and new genes in the immune cell. This helps in speeding the process, and help in offering treatments to patients with nearly any sort of cancer.

Dr. Marson said, “We require something centric, efficient and fast.” It would be great if we can just implant the cell and avoid the edited virus during the process?

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