Password Manager Tested By Mozilla For Firefox On iOS

Test Pilot for Firefox is an initiative that enables the users having stable build browsers downloaded to test experimental features with no need of having to take the perils of using a beta version. The Mozilla team declared that Test Pilot is coming to mobile now, and there are 2 new features that can be tested by the users.

Firefox Lockbox is the first feature, which is a password manager and enables your browser to log in automatically to any website for which you have saved a code word. It functions with both Touch ID and Face ID; however, it is accessible on iOS only.

Nevertheless, Android users should not feel left out as Firefox’s Notes is an Android-only feature that enables one to write down comments and thoughts from your browser directly. The notes synchronize through all platforms, thus one can access what they have jotted down on the Firefox’s desktop version too. If one is concerned regarding safety, it has end-to-end encryption so they will be the only with the capability to read their notes.

Any customer can take part in Test Pilot; one merely requires having a Firefox Sync and Firefox account, or these features will not function correctly. And as these are test features, one can switch off them if they aren’t functioning for them or provide feedback at “”

The Open Source browser Firefox’s developer is also supposedly functioning on “Fenix,” which is a new Internet browser for the Android operating system. The new application is anticipated to target a tech-savvy, younger audience, as reported by Android Headlines.

The motives for developing one more browser remains equally uncertain from the maker’s end, particularly when Firefox stays among the most famous internet portals with more than 100 Million installs so far, as per its official listing of Google Play Store.

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