Flying Brain Takes Off Toward Space Station On Cargo Ship

A ball-figured AI robot dubbed as the “flying brain” took off last week toward the Dragon cargo ship of SpaceX. The robot is named flying brain since it is trained to interact and follow with a German astronaut.

“We have launched the AI! The Falcon 9 rocket fuels the Dragon aircraft toward the International Space Station,” claimed a commentator at NASA to the media in an interview. He claimed this as the white rocket ignited its engines and took off in the skies at the night.

The unmanned Dragon aircraft transported 5,900 Pounds (almost 2,700 Kilograms) on its fifteenth supply mission to the orbiting laboratory, as fraction of a $1.6 Billion deal with NASA. Both the rocket and the capsule have flown in the past. The Dragon in 2016 conveyed cargo to space and the Falcon took off two months ago from a NASA satellite.

The California-located aerospace firm controlled by Elon Musk is aimed on recycling spacecraft and rocket components to lower the price of spaceflight and save money. Almost 10 minutes into the launch, SpaceX verified that the Dragon has productively launched from the second stage of the rocket and was in a good condition. It must arrive on July 2, 2018, at the station. A major piece of cargo is a basketball-shaped device dubbed as CIMON. It is an abbreviation for Crew Interactive MObile companioN.

Speaking of which, CEO of The Boring Company and SpaceX, Elon Musk, for the first time has disclosed his idea for “Loop” or a personalized mass transportation system that will convey 16 individuals. This system will travel at a speed of 240 Km Per Hour for a cost of only $1.

In an uncommon public appearance last week, the Tesla CEO also revealed the project information, comprising 2.7 Miles of tunnel that will operate parallel to the 405 freeway north to south in Los Angeles, the media claimed.

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