The First New Smartwatch Processor From Qualcomm In 2 Years Is For Children’s Wearable

It has been over 2 Years since Qualcomm previously rolled out a new smartwatch chip, and Android wearables have very much slowed down. That is going to modify this year since Qualcomm rolls out minimum 2 new chips for smartwatch. The first one is being declared this week, but it is not the all-purpose processor we have been waiting for. Instead, it is meant just for children’s watches.

The new processor, dubbed as Snapdragon Wear 2500, is developed for what Qualcomm views as an up-and-coming market of wearables built for children’s (and parents’) requirements. Head of wearables at Qualcomm, Pankaj Kedia, claims that these devices are meant to offer children the capability of connecting and learning with devices when they leave the home and are in school, where they are not always next to a computer.

“It is like you grew up with Alexa and you wish to take Alexa to school,” Kedia claimed to the media in a statement. “You need to ask Alexa ‘who is the 35th president of the US?’ or ‘what’s the capital of the US?’. Voice assistants are making it simple for you to know that. Factually, children in that group are employing kid wearables to learn.”

The Wear 2500 processor is almost 1/3rd smaller than previous Wear processor and is believed to offer somewhat enhanced battery life. The processor has support for LTE, location tracking, almost a 5-megapixel camera, and number of other sensors.

On a related note, it seems like Qualcomm might be dropping Samsung and might be revivifying the partnership with TSMC for the making of 7nm processors towards the end of this year as they shift to 2019.

The joint venture will see a shift away from the typical provider that Qualcomm has employed in earlier and will witness TSMC as the only maker of future Snapdragon chips.

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