India Lists 4th In Top 10 Target Nations For Web Application Attacks

India was placed 4th in the list of leading 10 target nations for Web Application Attacks as DDoS (distributed denial of service) and bot-driven abuse attacks carry on to increase from November 2017 till April 2018. This was claimed by Akamai Technologies, the Cloud delivery network provider, to the media in an interview.

Registering more than 28 Million attacks, India also was placed 8th all over the world in the catalog of Web Application Attack on nations. Cyber-security defenders encounter more and more threats from organizations in the shape of advanced DDoS attacks and bot-supported credential abuse aiming at the hospitality sector, claimed the Summer 2018 State of the Internet/ Security: Web Attack report.

Geological analysis of attack traffic source unveiled that China, Russia, and Indonesia were primary originations of travel sector’s credential abuse, directing almost 50% of their activity related to credential abuse at cruise lines, hotels, travel sites, and airlines. Researchers at Akamai analyzed almost 3.9 Billion malicious login attempts and 112 Billion bot requests that aimed at websites in the travel sector, comprising cruise lines, airlines, and hotels amongst others.

“These nations have traditionally been primary hubs for cyber-attacks, but the charisma of the hospitality sector seems to have made it a noteworthy target for attackers to conduct bot-driven fraud,” claimed Senior Security Advocate at Akamai, Martin McKeay, to the media in an interview. Akamai calculated a 16% increment in the number of DDoS attacks clocked since previous year.

The report underlined the significance of maintaining suppleness not only by security groups but also by network operators, developers, and service providers so as to lessen new threats.

On a related note, Fortinet, a worldwide leader in integrated, broad, and automated cyber security solutions, this week alerted ardent football enthusiasts in New Zealand and Australia to remain watchful in opposition to cyber-attacks at the time of FIFA World Cup 2018.

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