Denver Tattoo Parlor Gains Prominence From Key Customer

The tattoo parlor known as “Tribe Tattoo” is located on 674 Santa Fe Drive in busy Denver, Colorado. However, the “Tribe Tattoo”, which was founded in April 2001, is getting a lot more business these days in the form of free advertisement from his client:

NBA star Chris Andersen. The 6’10” giant formerly of the Denver Nuggets. Andersen played with Denver from 2008 until last year when he signed with the Miami Heat. At some point, Andersen entered the “Tribe Tattoo” and received the famous fiery-looking wings on his arms. Anderson himself is nicknamed “Birdman”. Andersen is said to have a high regard for the artwork of Slaughter and has brought in many of his team mates on the Nuggets to get artwork of their own. Slaughter is a big believer in tribal rights and traditions with tattoos being central to that.

For the record, the Denver Nuggets are considered one of the most tattooed teams in the NBA. Slaughter says he views tattoos as means of capturing vital stages in the evolution of a person’s life. They also point to the direction a person’s life is heading into. For Slaughter, tattoos are an essential part of his spirituality.

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