Triple Murder Hours after Suspect released from Jail

Police are investigating three murders and the suicide of the gunman just hours after the suspect was released from a Boulder, Colorado jail. Daniel Sanchez, 31 was arrested on Saturday December 15th on charges including domestic violence and the kidnapping of his former girlfriend Beatriz Cintora-Silva.

Released from jail on Monday night, Sanchez drove to the rural home of Cintora-Silva’s sister Maria and her husband Max Aguirre Ojeda before shooting and killing all three occupants of the small home.

Police in the small area around 35 miles from Denver are attempting to discover when the .45 Glock handgun used by Sanchez to murder his ex-girlfriend was bought and where from.

Beatriz Cintora-Silva called 911 around 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning informing a 911 dispatcher she had heard shots in her home; the dispatcher heard the gunshots that killed Contora-Silva before Sanchez told them he had killed three people and then killed himself just six hours after his release.

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