Tow Truck Driver Wins Colorado Powerball

Claude “Al”, from Rifle, Colorado, who chose not to release his last name, just claimed his $90 million jackpot winnings in the Colorado Powerball.

Claude is a tow truck driver and said that he will most likely continue working just so he won’t go completely insane. When asked what he intended to do with the money he simply said “Have fun!” Claude and his wife, Jackie, plan on taking a vacation.

Claude stated that he has not yet decided how he will be paid yet. If he chooses a lump sum payment he will receive a check from the Colorado Lottery for around $54 million.

Store owners of the Kum & Go convenience store where the winning ticket was purchased will receive $50,000. Currently Claude is speaking to Attorneys before he makes a decision on whether he will take the lump sum payment or have it diversified long-term. The winning numbers were 3-12-31-34-51 and the Powerball number was 24.

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