Kidnapper sues his hostages

A kidnapper who was convicted and serving a 11-year sentence is suing a couple that he took hostage. The lawsuit says that the couple breached an oral agreement the kidnapper, Jesse Dimmick. Dimmick says that the couple agreed to hide him from police, in exchange for money.

Dimmick invaded a home that was owned by Jared and Lindsay Rowley back in 2009, after he crashed the van he stolen. Dimmick was being chased by the police, after they wanted to question him in a beating death that occurred at a motel in Colorado.

Dimmick wants $235,000 from the Rowleys because he said he offered them money to hide him, because he feared for his life. He said the couple agreed and therefor the couple entered into a legally binding contact.

Dimmick is seeking $160,000 for hospital related costs, as well as $75,000 for emotional stress. As of now the lawsuit is still pending.

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